Pelvic Floor First

After nearly 18 months of extensive consultation and collaboration the Continence Foundation is excited to finally announce the launch of Pelvic Floor First.

Pelvic Floor First is a national campaign that promotes pelvic floor safe exercise, so that Australians with, or at risk of, pelvic floor dysfunction are able to stay active.

The campaign has produced a wide range of free information resources for both the general public and exercise professionals, which include:

  • a consumer brochure
  • an exercise professional brochure
  • a wallet-sized referral card, and
  • pelvic floor dysfunction screening tools.

To view our full range of resources visit


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Fit For 2 Featured in the Sunday Herald Sun in regards to the importance of nutrition and fitness for your baby while you are pregnant and wanting to conceive.  Read article IQ baby pg2


Fitness for Mothers Video


Prenatal Fitness Tips Video


Facts about Pregnancy Fitness

  1. Clinical observations involving the use of a swissball with pregnancy clients has shown a reduction in back pain in late pregnancy, strong, firm abdominal muscles and increased core stability.
  2. Strengthening your upper back muscles in pregnancy is a priority.  After childbirth, you will be in a forward flexed posture for many hours of the day feeding your baby.
  3. The adductors or inner thigh muscles are important during pregnancy.  When active, they stabilize your knees and your pelvis.  Relaxin a hormone which causes relaxation of ligaments and cartilage in pregnancy can make you prone to injury if muscles are weak.