Fit For 2 was designed and developed by a Registered Nurse and Midwife whom has a passion not just for pregnancy itself but for Pregnancy and Postnatal Fitness.  Anita herself whom works in a major Tertiary Hospital Part time alongside valued and qualified expert Obstetricians have recognised the benefits of Pregnancy Fitness training in the birth suite and postnatally and how it has helped many women through their pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Now a mum of 2, I truly understand the need to remain active during your pregnancy to help minimise complications.

In both my pregnancies I suffered from moderate SPD and the only thing that helped was exercise and wearing the SRC garments. Many physios, osteos and my obstetrician advised me that exercise was the best thing along with a supportive garment.

By continuing my exercise classes, I was able to continue work until I was 36 weeks pregnant and not require bed rest.

My continuation of exercise also allowed me to have a speedier recovery, especially regaining pelvic floor activation and having minimal separation of my rectus muscles.

Anita’s Qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Nursing Division 1
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Midwifery
  • Bachelor of Applied Science – Health Promotion
  • Certificate III in Fitness
  • Certificate IV in Personal Training
  • Freestyle Group Fitness Instructor
  • Swissball Training
  • Pilates Fitness Certificate
  • Gymstick Training for Muscle and Personal Training
  • First Aid/CPR/Working With Children

Why Choose Fit For 2?

  • Exercises programs designed by a Qualified Personal Trainer and a Qualified Midwife
  • Group classes available
  • Professional  individual assessment and ongoing monitoring throughout
  • Latest research and education kept up to date
  • Ongoing support from Obstetricians and Midwives to encourage Pre and Postnatal Fitness
  • In addition to aerobic activities, activities that promote musculoskeletal fitness are part of            an  overall exercise prescription.  Typically, these include both resistance training (Gymstick and weights) and flexibility exercises.
  • Modifications for each individual whom experiences complications in their pregnancy including Pelvic Instability, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Back pain and split rectus separation.
  • Safe exercises that encourage the use of the pelvic floor to help with birth and postnatally
  • Educational pamphlets to enhance a healthy and fit pregnancy
  • Fit For 2 will help you understand the principles of safe and effective exercises during each stage of pregnancy, by enabling you to make informed decisions based on fact rather than old wives’ tales.
  • We will help you to exercise confidently throughout your pregnancy and keep you fit and healthy for the most wonderful physical challenge of a lifetime, and make sure you have the stamina needed to deal with the job of labour