Pregnant or new to Parenthood?                                                                           Here are some fantastic educational tools

Well mum well baby is an antenatal and postnatal education program designed to discuss and explore key issues around emotional wellbeing during the transition to parenthood.

Our objective is to Build Confidence For Parenthood by providing:

Emotional, Psychological and Relationship Preparation for New or Expectant First Time Parents

Participants will benefit from information about the psychological and relationship issues that commonly arise around the time of pregnancy and birth of a new baby

Our antenatal and postnatal education program gives the tools and guidance to:

  • Understand the transition to parenthood
  • Cope with losses related to parenthood
  • Deal with “Motherguilt”
  • Manage expectations versus reality of parenthood
  • Be assertive as a new mum or dad
  • Manage negative, unhelpful thinking patterns
  • Create awareness around how family relationships change when baby arrives
  • Manage and optimize psychological health including postnatal depression
  • MIndful Parenting and Attachment

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By Dr Melanie Strang from Well Mum Well Baby

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