Re-Shape (Postnatal)

Group classes contain a maximum of 12 people dependent on venue

  • Class goes for 45 minutes
  • Includes warm up and cool down
  • Includes Resistance Training, Balance, Coordination and Pilates Movements
  • Includes intensified core work based on Pilates Techniques using the floor, Swissball and Gymstick dependent on your recovery.
  • Child Friendly


Re-Shape now combined with the pregnancy classes are a combination of low to advanced Resistance Training and Pilates based movements to re-strengthen the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.   A combination of group classes and safe cardio training will challenge your body to get you back to your prenatal shape quicker. These challenging workouts motivate you to lose weight, strengthen and tone your muscles to a different degree, regain and increase your energy and minimise the chance of postnatal depression. Research published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine highlights ‘exercise as an effective means for preventing decline in physical function and emotional health for postnatal women’

Designed by a qualified personal trainer and Midwife, you will achieve maximum results including health and fitness.

When can I resume exercise after the baby is born?

§ Normal Vaginal Delivery

After a normal vaginal delivery, gentle exercise including pelvic floor, abdominal exercises and walking can be commenced when comfortable. More intense exercise should be delayed for up to six weeks to allow for some resolution of the effects of pregnancy and birth, particularly on the pelvic floor muscles and pelvic joints. However you may commence earlier with a doctor’s letter.

§ Caesarean section

After a caesarean section, six weeks is the recommended time to return to exercise if the wound is healed.