Can exercise alter your breastmilk?

When you exercise your body will release lactic acid, which is then found in your breast milk.   At times some babies have not enjoyed the breastfeed after mum has exercised; this is purely due to the lactic acid changing the taste of the milk, it can make the milk taste a little bitter. This will not harm your baby at all and exercise will not change the quantity or quality or your milk as long as you are eating well and consuming enough calories.

Benefits of exercise while you are breastfeeding

- Increase chance of weight loss with breastfeeding and exercise

- Postnatal exercise increases post natal recovery

- Lower chance of getting postnatal depression and feeling much happier

- Exercise increases bone density, which can be a problem for some breastfeeding mums as they can loose a lot of their calcium stores through breastfeeding.

- Become more energetic during the day and tend to sleep better at night.

Tips for exercising while you Breastfeed

- Drink plenty of water, at least 2 litres a day

- Ensure you are eating a good nutritional diet.

- Don't aim to loose your weight quickly as this can slow your milk down

- Always wear a good supportive sports bra

- You can always express and leave milk in the fridge for a family member to feed the baby while you are exercising

- If baby becomes fussy and doesn't want to breastfeed after you have exercised, try exercising straight after a breastfeed, therefore the lactic acid will leave your system before the next breastfeed

-Ensure you have showered before the next breastfeed as many babies will not like the taste of salt from the sweat during your workout

- Bring a friend with you to your workout.  You will continue to exercise if its fun and you see results.

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