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Fit For 2 based in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne and expanding; is a well balanced low to medium impact Pregnancy Fitness program specifically designed for Pregnant and Postnatal Woman.  It consists of controlled Resistance Training exercises and Pilates based movements, which engages the mind while simultaneously conditioning the body. We focus on pelvic floor safe exercises including activation of transverse abdominal muscles to help minimize complications during and post pregnancy.

This program is like no other and we are not a copy of any other Pregnancy Programs.  Fit For 2 is an individual specialised program whereby all exercises conducted will allow your body to gain benefits for pregnancy and labour and a quicker recovery period.

BONUS: Your Trainer is also a Qualified Midwife. 

Fit For 2 exercise programs are based on the latest research published by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) from their recommendations and guidelines for exercising during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Read more

We also follow safe guidelines from Pelvic Floor First and Incontinence Australia in relation to safe exercise for pregnant and postnatal women.

Current research over the past ten years has shown that exercising through your pregnancy can bring about positive benefits and should not be detrimental to either the mother or the growing fetus.  One American Gynaecologist – James F. Clapp is responsible for up to date research along with ACOG.  His book ‘Exercising Through Your Pregnancy’ has given many qualified fitness trainers a greater insight into pregnancy and exercise including:

‘Women who exercise regularly during pregnancy maintain positive attitudes about themselves, their pregnancies, and their upcoming labour and birth’

Studies have suggested that exercise during pregnancy will help with an easier and shorter labour and birth, fewer cesarean surgeries, a quicker recovery postpartum, a quicker return to your pre-pregnancy weight, not to mention a healthier feeling during your pregnancy and beyond.

Fit for 2 will help you to remain active during your pregnancy, improve on your overall strength and fitness, and help prevent a decline in women’s emotional and mental health and wellbeing.

After the birth of your new baby, Fit For 2 will support you in getting your pre pregnancy body back with our postnatal classes called ‘Re-shape’.  These postnatal classes offer a wide range of health benefits including a speedier return to pre-pregnancy weight, and increased ability to cope with the demands of a newborn baby by reducing the chances of Postnatal Depression.

Re-shape focuses purely on the physical changes that occurred during your pregnancy and focuses on what is required for the woman to return her body back to normal including strengthening and toning of the muscles, weight loss and cardiovascular training.

Our programs are based on the most current research and Fit For 2 ensures that your program is safe and effective in meeting your pre and postnatal needs.  Our fitness programs include swissballs, Gymstick, weights and Step based exercises to support a healthy and fit pregnancy for you and your baby.

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